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Tommaso Elli

Graduate Student — PhD

Tommaso Elli is a Ph.D. Student in Design from Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy). He is part of DensityDesign and he’s currently spending six months at the Vialab as a visiting researcher.

He has a background in Communication Design and he’s now specializing in Information Design and Data visualization. His work is conducted in the field of Digital Humanities, where he worked in relation to themes such as political speech, social networks of the past or epistolary exchanges.

His work is currently focussed on visualization for literary critique and more specifically on the identification of methodologies for readapting data visualization practices in support of those literary scholars who want to use them in the process of creation of literary critique.

In the rest of his time, he is part of the team that works actively on RAWGraphs, a ‘designer-centered’ open-source web application for data visualization. Other interests include small contributions to research projects of the Public Data Lab and teaching assistantships.


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