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Vialab is led by Dr. Christopher Collins at Ontario Tech University. This site serves as a home for our research and news about the lab. Check out our Github for software projects related to our research and our Medium account to keep up with our blog. Details about our various research projects can be found on our Research page.

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Hey @fordnation @KingaSurmaMPP

"it is our opinion that buildings A, B and C are currently safe for occupancy until October 31, 2024."

You keep Science Centre open for children all summer, and I'll personally pay for the 2024 panel remediation recommended by your engineers.

Ontario Science Centre closes after roof in danger of collapsing under weight of Doug Ford’s bullshit #OntarioScienceCentre #onpoli #DougFord

I hope no one is falling for the @fordnation manufactured exaggerated “crisis” at the @OntScienceCtr. It’s politics. He did it to support the case for moving it and leveraging that move to support selling out Ontario Place to a foreign luxury spa. Ontarios kids deserve better.

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