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Gabrielle Perez Dias

Graduate Student — MSc

My name’s Gabrielle, I’m from Brazil and I have been a developer for almost 9 years, I am always trying new languages, plugins and frameworks, seeking for the best one.

I got my Bachelor’s degree in Brazil in Information Systems, and I worked in the area during my entire university life.

During this time, being able to work in different companies in culture and applications, I’ve faced some daily problems common to all of the ones in this area. When I decided to apply for a Master’s degree I knew that I wanted to help people like me, developers; Because we always think about the end-user, we always try to make the best products for them, but just for once I wanted to help me and my peers.

Interruption is an issue that affects and disturbs all developers. Many researchers have focused in avoiding them, but the fact is that even with all notifications turned off, interruptions will occur – breaks to go to the bathroom for example – so, instead of focusing on the inevitable my supervisors, Dr. Christopher Collins and Dr. Jeremy Bradbury, and I chose to focus in helping the recovery scenario that currently takes too much time and energy.

In my free time, I like to cook, bake, make all kinds of handcraft work and play video games.



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