Human-Centred Computing Lab

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology welcomes another lab to its list of facilities. Named the “Human-Centred Computing Lab”, this facility is meant and currently being used for various research studies that involve computing technology and humans. Co-directed by Dr. Christopher Collins, Dr. Jeremy Bradbury and Dr. Julie Thorpe, the lab also houses the necessary materials to do so, including new top-of-the-line eye tracking equipment.

Welcoming new nembers to the vialab

We would like to welcome four new students to the vialab. Hrim Mehta and Stephen McIntyre are our new M.Sc. graduate students, Kalev Sikes is our new SurfNet intern, and Taurean Scantlebury is a new senior honours student. Zachary Cook has finished his internship with us, but will be continuing with the lab as a senior honours student as well. This year will be exciting as Rafael Veras, who recently received his M.Sc. degree, will continue with the lab as its first Ph.D. student!

UOIT Student Research Showcase 2012

Paluka - UOIT Research Showcase 2012

On August 23, 2012, Erik Paluka presented his research poster at UOIT’s Student Research Showcase 2012. This event brings UOIT undergraduate students together to present and discuss the research projects they have been working on with faculty supervisors throughout the year. His poster, entitled “Learning In Tandem: Augmenting Tandem Language Learning With Technology”, described his senior honours undergraduate thesis, which was supervised by Dr. Christopher Collins.

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