Tandem Language Learning poster presented at ACM ITS in Scotland

Tabletop Tandem Language Learning

MSc student Erik Paluka recently presented his research on tandem language learning applications for digital tables at the ACM Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces Conference in St. Andrew’s, Scotland.  Erik’s research is designed to facilitate conversation-based language learning between partners who are learning one another’s language through interactive media browsing and collaborative activities.

Enhancing Tandem Language Learning Using an Interactive Tabletop

Tabletop Tandem Language Learning

Congratulations to Erik Paluka on presenting a top-notch undergraduate honours thesis.  Erik is continuing this work over the summer of 2012.  Entitled “Enhancing Tandem Language Learning Using an Interactive Tabletop”, the project abstract follows:

Language learning takes a lot of time, patience, and effort. Despite this, there exists many language learning models that help learners achieve their goal. One collaborative model is tandem language learning. It is based on the mutual exchange of language between partners. Using the collaborative nature of interactive tabletops, along with computer-assisted language learning software, the tandem language learning process can be enhanced. The goals of the research presented in this thesis are to understand the tasks and context of tandem language learning, and with this knowledge, design and implement a tabletop software prototype that is meant to enhance the tandem language learning model.

To complete this task, I conducted a grounding study where I observed a tandem language learning environment, and interviewed its administrator and four tandem language learners. From this study, I created design guidelines for tandem language learning scenarios. Using my design guidelines, I designed and implemented a software prototype for an interactive tabletop that facilitates communication between learning partners.

Contact Erik Paluka if you would like a copy of his thesis.

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