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At Ontario Tech University (Ontario Tech) I teach courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Recent Courses

Visualization for
Digital Humanities
Visualization for Digital Humanities – University of Konstanz
CSCI 3090U Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics (Winter Semester)
CSCI 4620U Human-Computer Interaction (Fall Semester)
CSCI 4210U Information Visualization (Winter Semester)

Visualization for Digital Humanities – University of Konstanz

Visualization for Digital Humanities – University of Konstanz

This seminar will bring together text analytics research with visual analytics research to investigate the challenges particular to providing visual text analytics tools for linguistics and digital humanities research. The course will cover the basics of text visualization, then move on to analysis tasks common in digital humanities, the state-of-the art visualization techniques for text data, and considerations of usability, trust, and supporting existing work practices in interdisciplinary research.

During the semester, students will meet for a combination of lectures, student presentations of assigned readings, progress updates and peer feedback about course projects. The main output of this seminar will be a well-written and documented implementation of a visual analytics tool to support a specific line of research in linguistics or digital humanities.

Lecture 1
Lecture 2

CSCI 3090

CSCI 3090U – Computer Graphics and Visualization

This course provides a basic introduction to computer graphics and scientific visualization. Basic properties of display devices, graphics objects, and common graphics operations will be identified. The use of colour, texture, lighting and surface/contour plots will be surveyed. Examples from modelling of PDEs will be presented.

CSCI 4210

CSCI 4210U – Information Visualization

This course introduces the emerging fields of information visualization and visual analytics through the principles of data representation, presentation, and interaction. The course will survey best practices for visualization design, data selection and cleaning, common visualization techniques, layout algorithms, animation, uncertainty, visual emphasis, aesthetics, visualization toolkits, and the role of interaction in the analytics process. The importance of visualization in managing, analyzing, and communicating about big data in science, medicine, business, and the humanities will be reviewed. Students will gain practical experience through the development of one or more information visualization applications for real-world data.

CSCI 4210 Syllabus 2015

CSCI 4620

CSCI 4620U – Human Computer Interaction

This course provides an introduction to human-computer interaction (HCI), with emphasis placed on understanding human behaviour with interactive objects, general knowledge of HCI design issues, and a human-centred approach to software design. The course will stress the design of usable interfaces, including the consideration of cognitive factors and social contexts within which computer systems are used. Students will receive an introduction to HCI while applying this theory to a design project.

CSCI 4620 – SOFE 4850 Syllabus 2014

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